Card of the Day: Cleaver Master (Official art)

Hello all, its been a long time.

So I am back (from being lazy) for more cards for Horizon! Development has slowly but steadily been at happening and hopefully I will have something tangible for people to actually use. The main development of Horizon is currently being committed to the card viewer the game will use as well as deck creation. The hope would be that the card viewer could be release as a standalone app for a little bit that would allow people to build and share decks. And if all goes to plan, there will be a way to print out proxies of the cards so people could at least help with the play testing process.

Anyway, the new card is Cleaver Master! Art done by the newly joining artist Florian Jonak (@flo.jnk |

Cleaver master is one of the base sort of cards displaying the simple mechanic of Disadvantage. Disadvantage says “In battle, units/heroes with disadvantage deal damage after units/heroes that do not.” For those familiar with MTG, Disadvantage works the same as “Last Strike”.

For those that like Horizon and want to see it flourish, think about donating to the company following one the links on the sidebar, following us on social media, or by sharing the game with others.

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