Card of the Day: Garmond, the Unsatisfied

(Art removed by request of the artist)

Today we have our first Unique card. Unique is a card supertype that has the mechanics that a player can control only one unique card with the same name at the time. If a new one with the same name would be played, that player chooses which one to sacrifice.

Garmond is also a particularly good card boss unit for most Penance based decks that have a decent amount of unit production. I mean you don’t require a ton but if you have at least one unit at the end of every one of your turns, you can almost guarantee Garmond returning to your hand.

I believe these are the first time having the actions Arrive and Closure on a card before. Arrive is an action that is activated when that card enters the field. Closure will trigger at the end of turn. Their opposites are Depart (or Gravecall, depending out how you look at it) and Advent. I am sure we will see cards with those actions some time soon.

Garmond, the Unsatisfied’s temporary card art was done by the wonderful artist “Conor Burkeart” from deviantart. Click here to head on over and give them some praise.

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