Big Update & Card of the Day: Capri Shaman

So first, the big update. A big amount of rules changes are happening to Horizon as we are reworking some of the gameplay. We will be updating that as soon as we iron everything out. Because of this, Card of the Day is changing to Cards of the Week for the time being on Fridays. We will post 3 cards (hopefully with the new changes). Also if you want to stay up to date on everything happening with our dev team, join our Patreon and get access to our discord.

Now onto Capri Shaman. The shaman is a plan good card. It is a fine unit and most importantly give Unity some mana ramp if you choose to give it up for Aether. This will most like be more of a staple for Unity decks for that reason. A little Aether acceration on turn 1 to forfeit your turn 1 plays will probably be very useful.

Temporary Art from Ilkerserdar from deviantart.

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