Card of the Day: Garmond, the Unsatisfied

(Art removed by request of the artist)

Today we have our first Unique card. Unique is a card supertype that has the mechanics that a player can control only one unique card with the same name at the time. If a new one with the same name would be played, that player chooses which one to sacrifice.

Garmond is also a particularly good card boss unit for most Penance based decks that have a decent amount of unit production. I mean you don’t require a ton but if you have at least one unit at the end of every one of your turns, you can almost guarantee Garmond returning to your hand.

I believe these are the first time having the actions Arrive and Closure on a card before. Arrive is an action that is activated when that card enters the field. Closure will trigger at the end of turn. Their opposites are Depart (or Gravecall, depending out how you look at it) and Advent. I am sure we will see cards with those actions some time soon.

Garmond, the Unsatisfied’s temporary card art was done by the wonderful artist “Conor Burkeart” from deviantart. Click here to head on over and give them some praise.

Card of the Day: Paladin of Vigor

Today we have our first “Attributes Matter” card. These are part of a small series for each of the Attributes (the symbols on the left side of the card under the cost and name; Red = Vigor, Blue = Unity, Green = Wrath, Black = Decay, Purple = Penance, Orange = Avarice). They are supposed to encourage Mono-Attribute decks and how they could have an advantage over decks that would use multiple Attributes.

Her first action, Overrun, is what is known as a trait. A trait is an ability that will be pretty frequently used on multiple cards. Overrun adds the effect “whenever this deals damage, the remaining damage over that targets Def is dealt to that target’s controller. If this was blocked, that damage is dealt to the original attack target instead.”

Her second action is every time you aetherize a Vigor (a card with Vigor as an attribute), you gain +1 Max Aether permanently. This will not give you the temporary Aether to use for the turn, but on the start of your turn you will have additional Aether.

Lastly, if you have Aetherized 5 Vigor, then the rampage will begin. She will gain more and more stats as she attacks, combined with Overrun, she will end the game rather quickly.

The temporary card art is from Jonboy007007. You can head on over to his deviantart page and say thanks.

Card of the Day: Rocksfall

Temporary Art by LinseyWArt

The first Quest card we have. A Quest is an action on a card that will activate automatically if the requirements are fulfilled. These could be specific cards on the battlefield, a number of cards in your discard, or having less than 5 health. And many more.

In this instance, we would need Tranquil, Crashing, and Quiet Place to activate the quest so only something dedicated to getting keywords would really be worth it to run this card. However 2 resources for 4 damage anywhere at Fast speed is pretty good at the end of the day too.

Card of the Day: Keeper of the Corrupt

Temporary art by deviantart Remton
Keeper of the Corrupt
4 (Avarice)
Atk 0 (Fire) / Def 1
Fast Unit - Djinn
Keeper of the Corrupt enters the field with Bug Counters for each card you have drawn this turn.
Keeper of the Corrupt gets +1 Atk for each Bug Counter on it.

A fantastic pay off card for “drawing cards matters” decks or a deck that will draw a burst of cards in one go. In addition, this is a Fast Unit, such that if one would pair this up with a removed Emerging Ideas or Resources from Sacrifice, then this could be fairly formidable as a general unit.