Card of the Day: Inefficient Assassin

Inefficient Assassin is quite and odd but potentially interesting card. It can be used as a very inefficient but repeatable removal. However, more importantly, it can be used for more interesting strategies by targeting your own Units. If you have an Arrive or Depart or Gravecall actions on a unit that you would find useful to repeat, this can trigger that. Have another card that makes it useful to have things die often, this can be your workhorse.

Temporary Art is by PeterPrime from deviantart.

Card of the Day: Kembal, Enlightenment Scholar / Enlightened One

This is our first transforming card and is also a very odd Hero as well. Instead of having an attribute, Kembal has 3 classes. This does pose a weird problem for a deck lead by Kembal but can lead to some interesting scenarios.

This is also the first card from Ingame engine (as unrefined as it is). We are still working on improving the look of the ingame card but its not that far off of the Illustrator made previous ones.

Mostly Kembal runs into the problem of not being able to run many Units other than Neutral ones. However, you get many potent abilities at your disposal to make up for that.

Later, you will also be able to transform your Master Hero into an end game power house. Enlightened One will take over the game as soon as it transforms. The extra bonus is when Kembal is your Master Hero, reverting your Master Hero will not get rid of EnlightenedOne functionally.

Temporary card arts done by TSOnline and APetruk.

Card of the Day: Wild Spirit

Today’s card is on that fits into the Elves archetype. Within Horizon, Elves fall mostly in the Unity and Wrath Attributes and many in Fighters or Mage classes. This tend to be a very aggressive archetype that wins usually through the shear force of numbers or by punching through with a card like Wild Spirit.

Unlike the Capri which also play a numbers game but tend to lean more towards Vigor as a second attribute, Elves tend to a harder time holding on to their Units, with them either having low Def or sacrificing themselves rather quickly.

Temporary Art for Wild Spirit is from Tsabo6 from DeviantArt.


Card of the Day: Umber Knight

(Art removed by request of the artist)

Part of the Health Gain matters Archetype, Umber Knight would be a key member of that. With an continuous health gain engine, Umber Knight can get very big very quickly.

Life Breather is a good pairing with this as well as Ziro Read if you can manage it (would require a Hero that has both Penance and Unity attributes) as they can gain Health continuously.

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The temporary card art is from ConorBurkeArt on DeviantArt and Instagram.

Card of the Day: Rocksfall

Temporary Art by LinseyWArt

The first Quest card we have. A Quest is an action on a card that will activate automatically if the requirements are fulfilled. These could be specific cards on the battlefield, a number of cards in your discard, or having less than 5 health. And many more.

In this instance, we would need Tranquil, Crashing, and Quiet Place to activate the quest so only something dedicated to getting keywords would really be worth it to run this card. However 2 resources for 4 damage anywhere at Fast speed is pretty good at the end of the day too.

Card of the Day: Keeper of the Corrupt

Temporary art by deviantart Remton
Keeper of the Corrupt
4 (Avarice)
Atk 0 (Fire) / Def 1
Fast Unit - Djinn
Keeper of the Corrupt enters the field with Bug Counters for each card you have drawn this turn.
Keeper of the Corrupt gets +1 Atk for each Bug Counter on it.

A fantastic pay off card for “drawing cards matters” decks or a deck that will draw a burst of cards in one go. In addition, this is a Fast Unit, such that if one would pair this up with a removed Emerging Ideas or Resources from Sacrifice, then this could be fairly formidable as a general unit.

Hello and welcome to Horizon, the decentralized digital card game!

Hello all and welcome to Horizon!

Horizon Collectable Card Game is a digital strategic card game along the vein as Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone. It is a game for 2 or more players, each having decks of 60+ cards and one Hero.

(Art removed by request of the artist)


Every deck in Horizon is headed by a Hero. At the start of the game, your deck’s Hero becomes your Master Hero, gains 15 health and Armor equal to that Hero’s defense.

(Art removed by request of the artist)


Your Master Hero restricts what possible cards you are allowed to put in your deck. You may only put cards in your deck that have one or more attribute that matches one or more of your hero’s attributes and has one or more classes that match one or more of your hero’s classes. If a card has no attributes, then that card is Attribute neutral and can be play in any deck under any hero. The same is true for Classes.


On each of your turn, you may “aetherize” one card in your hand. Aetherized cards give your Master Hero resources to play cards and Essence to be used to pay costs and unlock new abilities on your Heroes. Unlike other games, any card in your hand may be aetherized to gain these benefits, however, some cards like Keywords or Locations are made to be aetherized and others have abilities that trigger when they are Aetherized.


Winning Horizon can be done in many different ways. If you can reduce your opponent’s health to 0 then you win. However, any Armor that opponent has will take damage first before they lose any health.


However, there are other ways to win. If a master hero has 50 health, at the start of that players turn, they win the game. The same is true if a Master Hero gets to 30 Essence.

All of this being said, Horizon is still in its infancy (or before that, it could be said) and many things within the game might change in the future. However, the push forward will always be to make the game better. The aim of Horizon is to create a game that has learned from past strategic card games and improve upon the failings of the past.

And maybe most importantly of all, Horizon does not care what you do on social media. Horizon is not here to police your social media accounts. Meme, screech, and speak your mind, and we will not care. Horizon is about the game and the community built around it. Rule #1: Its all about the game!

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