We’re Back & it’s with some Rules Changes

We’re back with some updates to rules and text of one of the cards!

First off, the rules text for Inefficient Assassin has been changed. Not a big deal, just opening up the card’s uses more.

Second rules of the games have changed. Right out of the gates, the classes on cards and characters are gone. No more classes. Second, the attributes will have changed. Just like before, any card may be turned into Aether but each card (with some exceptions) will contribute their Attribute requirement to Attribute pool that the player has. Then to cast a card, one must have both the Aether required in its cost but meet the Attribute threshold for the card.

That’s the only real changes to Horizon so far. The coding process is going well and a new video will be coming out soon as well as a start up of the cards of the day again. Look for that next week.

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