Cards of the Day, Kanibur, Glutton for Punishment, & Ancestor Shepard

Welcome back, everyone! It’s been a big week for HCG where we have completed our first big milestone which was translating the PoC to its 3 dimensional counterpart. More information will be made available shortly. But also there are 3 more cards that will be in the game.

Kanibur is simple but very sweet lord for the Knight faction. Not only does he give every Knight a boost, he also gives them Armor 1 and thus making them very hard to kill. This is mostly how Knights will work (being a Unity and Vigor based strategy).

Glutton for Punishment is an overall great card for defensive decks that are running Penance. Gives you a blocker that you can rely on.

Ancestor Shepard is and overall great card for a mobbing strategy that Unity likes to run. It is a good drafting card as well with it giving you two bodies.

Temporary Art are by helgecbalzer, Eko999, and Sandara from deviantart.

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