Cards of the Day, Kanibur, Glutton for Punishment, & Ancestor Shepard

Welcome back, everyone! It’s been a big week for HCG where we have completed our first big milestone which was translating the PoC to its 3 dimensional counterpart. More information will be made available shortly. But also there are 3 more cards that will be in the game.

Kanibur is simple but very sweet lord for the Knight faction. Not only does he give every Knight a boost, he also gives them Armor 1 and thus making them very hard to kill. This is mostly how Knights will work (being a Unity and Vigor based strategy).

Glutton for Punishment is an overall great card for defensive decks that are running Penance. Gives you a blocker that you can rely on.

Ancestor Shepard is and overall great card for a mobbing strategy that Unity likes to run. It is a good drafting card as well with it giving you two bodies.

Temporary Art are by helgecbalzer, Eko999, and Sandara from deviantart.

Big Update & Card of the Day: Capri Shaman

So first, the big update. A big amount of rules changes are happening to Horizon as we are reworking some of the gameplay. We will be updating that as soon as we iron everything out. Because of this, Card of the Day is changing to Cards of the Week for the time being on Fridays. We will post 3 cards (hopefully with the new changes). Also if you want to stay up to date on everything happening with our dev team, join our Patreon and get access to our discord.

Now onto Capri Shaman. The shaman is a plan good card. It is a fine unit and most importantly give Unity some mana ramp if you choose to give it up for Aether. This will most like be more of a staple for Unity decks for that reason. A little Aether acceration on turn 1 to forfeit your turn 1 plays will probably be very useful.

Temporary Art from Ilkerserdar from deviantart.

Card of the Day: Inefficient Assassin

Inefficient Assassin is quite and odd but potentially interesting card. It can be used as a very inefficient but repeatable removal. However, more importantly, it can be used for more interesting strategies by targeting your own Units. If you have an Arrive or Depart or Gravecall actions on a unit that you would find useful to repeat, this can trigger that. Have another card that makes it useful to have things die often, this can be your workhorse.

Temporary Art is by PeterPrime from deviantart.

Card of the Day: Kembal, Enlightenment Scholar / Enlightened One

This is our first transforming card and is also a very odd Hero as well. Instead of having an attribute, Kembal has 3 classes. This does pose a weird problem for a deck lead by Kembal but can lead to some interesting scenarios.

This is also the first card from Ingame engine (as unrefined as it is). We are still working on improving the look of the ingame card but its not that far off of the Illustrator made previous ones.

Mostly Kembal runs into the problem of not being able to run many Units other than Neutral ones. However, you get many potent abilities at your disposal to make up for that.

Later, you will also be able to transform your Master Hero into an end game power house. Enlightened One will take over the game as soon as it transforms. The extra bonus is when Kembal is your Master Hero, reverting your Master Hero will not get rid of EnlightenedOne functionally.

Temporary card arts done by TSOnline and APetruk.

Card of the Day: Lavish Prison

This is an important piece for most Avarice decks that are slower. This gives both a way of getting rid of an important threat for a small amount of time but also a blocker during that time.

Against most Penance and Decay (and to a lesser extent, Fighters) will make short work of the Unit but against other Attributes, this will prove to be a very reliable removal spell.

Temporary Card art is from Lyraina on deviantart and their own website.