Card of the Day Triple Feature: Ziro Read, Shield Wall, and Duel!

(Art removed by request of the artist)

Sorry for missing yesterday but we can have a Triple Feature for Friday to make up for it.

Ziro Read is the Penance starter deck Hero and is ultimately pretty strong from his main action (note: Lifesteal has had a name change to Lifeleech). The Bruiser playstyle is typically damage is alright as long as you are achieving something out of it and that’s basically what Ziro embodies.

Ziro’s temporary art is from ConorBurkeart again from deviantart.

Shield Wall is the first instance we have Armor. ArmorĀ works as a way of reducing incoming damage by the amount after the trait. In this case it is dependent on the Relic that you target with it. This is also the first time we see there is an action on a card that can be taken only if this card is in your hand. Shield Wall comes from a cycle of cards that are either used for their action or can contribute 2 aether every time it is exhausted.

Shield Wall’s temporary art is from WandererLink on deviantart.

Duel! is one of my favorite cards. It was inspired by Legion Commander’s Ultimate Duel! from Dota. Continuous fighting until one of the two are victorious.

Duel!’s temporary art is from Wlop on deviantart.

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